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Educational websites... to use from home!


Ed1stop is one of the most used and service rich web resources we use here at JME... and the great news is, you can use it at home all year long, FOR FREE.  Below we have posted instructions on how to log onto the website.  The site has many areas that are segregated according to grade.  If you are unsure of what areas or products to use, please contact your Student's Teacher for specific direction.

Instructions for students to use the “ed1stop” website from home.

In your computer “browser” (IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Google Chrome) you type the following “address” in the “address bar” (where the goes)  The address of the page you started on when the browser started will be in the box… clear it out before typing yours in.  If you have problems, please ask your parents for help.

Click on this link or type it into the address bar on your browser  and click “enter” on your keyboard

At the “Ed1Stop” webpage one the upper left you will see a blank for your user name and password.  In these spaces please use

In the user name space put                johnmuir01_stu

In the password space put                  Timbervolves

Then click on the “sign in” button.  At the next page click on “School Help”


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