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Special Education









Kari Carlson

Special Day Class, 3 - 5 Grade

Ms. McMahon and Mrs. Flores and Mrs. Mendoza

Our Special Day Class, or SDC, is a self-contained, educational program for students with special needs, in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. Students work on academic skills and goals based on their specific ability levels. Our program, curriculum, and social skill needs can all be modified and adjusted to make each student most successful. 


Courtney McMahon             Lisa Mendoza                     Miriam Flores.
    Courtney McMahon                         Lisa Mendoza                                      Miriam Flores

Contact Miriam Flores  Miriam Flores (925) 335-5850 ex: 3509 3-5 SDC Para
Contact Courtney McMahon  Courtney McMahon (925) 335-5800 ex: 3509 SDC Teacher
Contact Lisa Mendoza  Lisa Mendoza (925) 335-5850 ex: 3509 3-5 SDC Para

Resource Specialist

Resource Specialist - Lisa Kirker and Christy Heeb
The resource specialist program at John Muir Elementary School provides support in the instruction of basic skills, as well as support on classroom curricular assignments. Students are given individual or small group instruction, and work towards accomplishment of individual goals and objectives.  They participate in the resource specialist program after a referral and assessment process has been completed, eligibility for special education services has been met, and the IEP team (Individualized Education Program) has determined the appropriate and necessary intervention services required. We provide individualized materials and strategies to support our students, as well as support for our general education staff. We work together to create a positive and successful learning experience for our students.


Contact Christy Heeb  Christy Heeb (925) 335-5850 ex: 3513 Paraeducator
Contact Lisa Kirker  Lisa Kirker (925) 335-5850 ex: 3513 Special Education Teacher


Speech and Language Program - Ms. Monk
The speech and language program is comprised of students with various communication needs.  All students have to meet the state's eligibility criteria for a specific area (articulation, voice, fluency, language).  Currently, I am providing remediation services to students in grades K-5 and 9-12.  Most students attend one session a week but the most severe students attend two 30-50 minute sessions a week.  Progress is reported to the parents/legal guardian three times a year (usually during each report card period) and an annual review is held once a year.  After three years, a student must re-qualify for the special education program.

 Marsha Monk

School Psychologist

Melissa Teeman (On site Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)


(925) 335-5850 Ext. 2401



Lisa Tsai (On site Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

(925)335-5850 Ext. 3551