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Fifth Grade

  Samantha Labrador 5th Grade Teacher
  Jo Anne Santiago 5th Grade Teacher

All About Fifth Grade

Fifth grade is all about preparing students for the middle school. The rigors of fifth grade require that students become independent, self-directed, and motivated learners.


Fifth grade focuses on the Common Core State Standards across the curriculum. The standards can be found on the Martinez Unified School District website. A big shift is writing in all areas of the curriculum. Yes! Even math.


What you can do at home to support your child:


*Knowledge of basic math facts is essential at this grade level. Please review them at home.

*Please have them read, read, read! Read with them, to them, and have them read independently as much as possible.

*Review planners, corrected assignments, and homework with your child.

*Ask your child what they learned at school daily.

*Regular attendance and arriving to school on time will help your child succeed.

*Remember that adequate sleep and nutrition are fundamental to learning.