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Third Grade

Mary Hardesty

 Mary Hardesty                                            Paula Parker                                              Melinda Metcalf 

Class Code : mbj5htw                            Class code: 5bucu2h                                  Class code: ozob3sv

  Mary Hardesty 3rd Grade Teacher
  Melinda Metcalf 3rd Grade Teacher
  Paula Parker 3rd Grade Teacher

Third Grade

Third Grade is a wonderful year.  With all the tools they have with them from the previous grades, students begin transitioning from learning the tools to putting them to use!
Up until Third Grade, students are mastering how to read.  Now they are reading to learn.  They are diving into content rich stories that capture the reader.  They begin to journey through many different genres and understanding what messages lie beneath them.  Reading becomes an adventure!
As we journey into our genres, we also learn the art of writing.  We expand from simple to more complex sentence structure.  From narratives to creative writing, we embrace the process of turning out a pretty awesome piece of writing!
Our Third Graders go on field trips to expand their knowledge.  We journey to San Francisco's Davies Symphony Hall as well as learn about our past, present, and what is ahead of us in our own historical Martinez.
Math becomes more than just numbers as we connect it to real life events.  We round numbers as we would when we go shopping at a store.  We deal a lot with money and emphasize the importance of adding and subtracting.  This is the year that we also master the multiplication facts!  We start at the beginning of the year and never stop!!!  
Social Studies and Science are two other subjects we spend time on.  We reach out to our Solar System, learning about the planets and universe around us.  We start with the seed and sprout from there!  History serves us well as we learn about our Native people, how they lived, and how history has shaped our lives.  We also discuss laws and what it means to be a volunteer and a good citizen.  
Third Grade is not just a journey. It is connecting what they have learned and expanding their knowledge.  By expanding their knowledge, they can begin to see what they learn does apply to life beyond the classroom. 

The Third Grade Team!