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Computer Lab

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Students at work


1.  Students need to leave their work space neat and orderly for the next Student/Class.  Headsets behind and to the right of the monitor on the Timberwolf sticker and typing skins to the left on the keyboard sticker.

2.  All programs should be completely closed before leaving the Computer Lab. 

3.  The Computer Lab is like the Library, it is a quiet work place, please be considerate and respectful of fellow students working.

4.  Food or drinks are never allowed in the Lab (Water is available at the sink by teacher permission)

5.  Always stay in your seat, especially when wearing headphones! Practice good posture at your computer station. Please sit straight and never kick or put your feet on the computer or cables below the desk.

Computer Lab Rules


JME Computer Lab

Click below on Student Quicklinks to access the programs we utilize in the computer lab!Student Quicklinks