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Medication Policy


Section 49423 of the California Education Code provides that any student who is required to take, during the regular school day, prescribed or over-the-counter medication, medical test, or treatment, may be assisted by school personnel. Before a student receives assistance with the administration of prescription or over-the-counter medication, medical monitoring or medical test, the Martinez Unified School District’s policy requires: (1) A written statement from a parent or guardian that requests and authorizes the district to assist the student with the administration of medication, medical test or treatment: (2) For prescription medication, medical test or treatment, a written statement from a physician that specifies the dosage, method of administration and the time schedule for the administration of the medication, and (3) for over-the-counter medication, a written statement from the parent or guardian that specifies the dosage, method of administration and time schedule for the administration of the medication.
Prescription medication, medical test, or treatment containers must be labeled by a California pharmacist. The label must indicate the student’s name, name of the prescribing physician, time of administration, the circumstance in which the medication is to be administered, dosage, expiration date and then name and telephone number of the pharmacy. Over-the-counter medications shall be provided to school personnel in the original container and packaging. The parent or guardian should personally deliver medication, medication utensil, medical test or treatment equipment or supplies to school or send the medication, utensils, equipment or supplies with a designated adult.
Ninth through twelfth grade students who need emergency medication, such as an asthma inhaler, insulin pump or severe allergic reaction injection, while at school, may carry medication and may self-administer such medication or perform medical monitoring or tests under the supervision of school personnel, provided that the following conditions are met: (1) The student is physically, mentally and behaviorally capable, in the written opinion of the parent, attending physician and district nurse, to assume these responsibilities, and has been adequately instructed at he the home to implement the necessary procedures; (2) The medication, test or treatment is necessary to maintain the students’ health and must be taken or administered during school hours, and (3) The student has successfully demonstrated the self-administration of medication, medical test or treatment may be withdrawn at any time, if the student demonstrates unsafe practices, procedures or fails to observe universal precautions.
At the conclusion of the school year, a parent, guardian or designated adult should take all remaining medication home. All medication not returned home will be disposed of by the district nurse.