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John Muir Elementary Staff

Picture that shows the John Muir Elementary School staff

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Use either the departmental menu on the left hand side of this page or the staff directory below to navigate to a specific teacher or staff page.

Flores, Miriam (925) 335-5850 ex.3509 3-5 SDC Para
Frazer, Kathy (925) 335-5850 ex.3532 Principal
Galletti, Pam (925) 335-5800 ex.3507 4th Grade Teacher
Hardesty, Mary (925) 335-5800 ex.3504 3rd Grade Teacher
Harris, Melissa (925) 335-5800 ex.3542 Teacher
Hartley, Rachel (925) 335-5800 ex.3522 Resource Teacher
Hussey, Jennifer (925) 335-5800 ex.3512 4th Grade Teacher
Jones, Jeanne (925) 335-5850 ex.3503 2nd Grade Teacher
Kenyon, Nancy (925) 335-5800 ex.3501 1st Grade Teacher
Kolodzie, Mona (925) 335-5800 ex.3541 Kindergarten Teacher
Labrador, Samantha ex.3518 Teacher
Lasola, Jo Anne ex.3522 3rd Grade Teacher
Lee, Jack (925) 335-5850 Swing Custodian
Lyon, Jill (925) 335-5800 ex.3506 Intervention Teacher
Magdefrau, Jennifer ex.3514 Teacher
McMahon, Courtney (925) 335-5800 ex.3509 SDC Teacher
Mendoza, Lisa (925) 335-5850 ex.3509 3-5 SDC Para
Metcalf, Melinda (925) 335-5800 ex.3510 2nd/3rd Grade Combo Teacher
Monk, Marsha (925) 335-5800 ex.3513 Speech & Language Teacher
Nunez, Fernando (925) 335-5850 ex.0 Head Janitor
Parker, Paula (925) 335-5800 ex.3504 3rd Grade Teacher
Riggs, Cheyenne Sys Admin
Robinson, Robin (925) 335-5800 ex.3542 Kindergarten Teacher
Rones, Ronnie (925) 335-5800 ex.3517 P.E. Teacher
Sahlman, Kathryn (925) 335-5800 ex.3542 Transitional Kindergarten Teacher
Schaeffer, Steffanie (925) 335-5800 ex.3517 Music Teacher
Scheffler, Allison (925) 335-5800 ex.3505 1st Grade Teacher
Sevilla, Lilian (925) 335-5850 ex.3536 Bilingual Para
Shabaan, Sahar (925) 335-5850 ex.3522 Learning Center Para
Tsai, Lisa (925) 335-5800 ex.3551 Counselor
Wagner, Jessica (925) 335-5800 ex.3502 1st Grade Teacher
Webb, Julie Staff
Williams, Heather (925) 335-5800 ex.3508 2nd Grade Teacher
Williams, Troy (925) 335-5800 ex.3519 3rd Grade Teacher